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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beginning - again

So here I am again, yes again.  It has been, let's say over 20 years since I have felt good about how I look.  And I have tried every diet I can think of.  None have worked, not for long, not for ever anyway, and to be completely honest I am over it.  So here I am again, trying another diet, no let's not say diet, call it a lifestyle, don't you hate it when they say that? Who are they you ask, well they are the skinny folk, those who have managed to make their diet a lifestyle.  It isn't me.  
But I am making another last ditch effort to lose weight.  At this point in my life I am 51 years old and weigh the heaviest I have ever been a whopping 88.9kg's as of 1st September.  I am a whole 5 feet tall so I feel huge.  My stomach often feels bloated and it looks it too.  My butt is huge and I have a face I cannot even recognise in the mirror anymore.  Where do all those chins come from?  
Just 3 years ago I was no where near this size.  We endured a family tragedy back then and my response was to eat and drink.  I love food, I love wine, I love cocktails and I like all of them often.  So it was with gusto that I went on an eating drinking binge.  Now comes the payoff.  Ouch not nice.

About 4 months ago I came across a photo of a woman on facebook who had lost 20kgs in 6 weeks and with no exercise.  So hey I am all over that.  She had started eating what is known as a Primal diet.  Go here and you will learn all about Primal eating.  So I decided that I would try this way of eating.  And for a brief time it worked.  It made sense to me too, so it was easy to jump on board.  But I like alcohol and that doesn't go so well with this way of eating.  Well not in the quantities that I like to drink anyway. So since then I have been fumbling around trying to sort this out.  Not drinking during the week.  Only drinking on weekends and then only red wine or rum and coke zero. See I had read that there are less carbs in red wine and rum and that if you have to drink soft drink (which I never do by the way) then it has to be no sugar.  So I started drinking coke zero with rum.  Really go figure my logic will ya.  From never drinking soft drinks to drinking them and expecting to lose weight really!!!!!!

A Primal breakfast omelette 

But this is the eating programme I am choosing to go on.  I've done Weight Watcher's, yep I lost a bit and put it back on.  I hate meetings too.  I have tried hitting the gym and when I was in my late 20's it worked, I was really thin, but not now, it isn't what I want to do on a regular basis.  I like to walk and have always walked a lot.  But I have hurt my back somehow and even that is difficult now.  So you can see I am in a pickle, ooh did someone mention food. argh  umm hang on let's get back on track here.  Yes that's right in a pickle, I need to move more but can't do what I need to do to help my weight loss.  I am hoping that writing this blog will make me commit to finally sticking to this way of eating.  I hope it will help me to not have that sneaky mid week wine (insert bottle), I hope it will be a catalyst of change for me.  Join me won't you.

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