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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weighing In

I am part of a Primal Weight Loss FaceBook group and as a way to focus and stay accountable a lot of us are weighing in and posting our weight on Fridays.  Today I weighed in and I've put on 400grams since last Saturday.  I know why though.  On Tuesday my first day back at work I had a bottle of wine, see my way of celebrating, chinning that whole thing.  Then yesterday at work I had a Torture and Trauma seminar to attend and lunch was wraps. I ate them as I didn't have an option so there was a small amount of wheat there.  Last night we had a family dinner out for Adrian's birthday and I had 3 glasses of wine.  I can see the errors here.  I'm a little frightened though as my mum comes this afternoon and I know she loves to kick back and have a few drinks when she comes.  Arghh  I constantly seem to come up against these little things that slap down my ability to lose. 
I have found some good blogs though, I particularly like this one so go and have a little snoop around.

And for some recipes to live by check out here.
Coconut prawns so easy, so delish, so primal.  Coat your prawns in coconut and cook in coconut oil.  Way to go.

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