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Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Days Later

If you could see me you'd see me dancing.  Tapping my toes, wiggling my butt and grinning from ear to ear.  Yep that's what you'd see.  I lost 2.5kg from Monday till Friday.  I do a weigh in on Fridays with a Facebook Primal Group and even hough I started on Monday I weighed in on Friday.  I have gone from 90kg, my heaviest ever weight to 87.5kg.  I weighed 87.5kg back on the 8th of September and I though I was good then.  But of course I drank and put it all back on and then some so for now, I am back on track and trying really hard to stay there.
Let's see how I go on Monday or shall I wait till next Friday to weigh in again, yeah I think I will.  I really like using the FitDay site for keeping track of my carbs throughout the day.  It is really good to see the portions and know how much carb they contain.
Wish me luck till next Friday okay.

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