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Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Week On

I am not very happy today.  I know what has happened but just the same I am upset.  I say over and over that I am going to get it together and lose this weight and then at the first sign of stress I drink and then probably over eat.  I say probably because I'm not sure, I don't weigh things like nuts and cheese when I am eating and drinking, so who knows.  Any way my weight today is up again.  Let's recap
Starting weight 
1st September  88.9kg            
8th September 87.5kg   big cheers here of course
15th September 87.9kg I knew I had blown it over the weekend slap the side of my own head
21st September 88.3kg I drank way too much over the Friday to Sunday night period last week.  My mum came to visit and I get really stressed when she comes.  I love her very very much but we clash and it is a constant effort for me not to talk back and cause an argument.  So to chill out I drink.  Obviously that didn't work.  Well it stop the arguing either, though I was
quick to retreat and all calmed down before it got out of control.
So here I am again lining up for another week of holding my breath to see if I can lose something this week.  ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One high five for me though and I need to acknowledge every little achievement.  Yesterday after a very full on day at work I was contemplating grabbing a bottle of red to go with the steak we were having for dinner.  I didn't, I got a glimpse of myself in a window as I left work and then in the mirror in the car and I forced myself to drive on and not stop at the bottle shop.  I think that is an achievement for me.
So here goes another week.

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