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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moving On

Today I had great news, I had applied fro a job at TRAMS which is a refugee and migrant support centre.  I have worked there before for 12 months on a contract and I've volunteered there for 5 years.  So I now am employed for 12 hours a week, that is ample for me with the other things I like to do.  I feel quite confident and happy today, not really having the urge to celebrate with a drink because I want to buy some new clothes to wear to work soon.  And I flatly refuse to buy a larger size anymore.  So lunch today was chicken wings and salad, at around 2pm.  I had brekky at about 8am and wasn't really hungry till then.  I do like the Primal way of eating.  I like protein and I like the fat on chicken and bacon so being able to eat that is a bonus.  I love salads in summer so that shouldn't pose too much of a problem either.  My trouble is sweet things even sitting here right now I want something sweet.  I don't use sugar at all anymore and I don't eat bread, pasta, rice or legumes at all.

I am trying.

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