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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slave to Emotion

I am a slave to my emotions.  I am a lazy slave too I think feel.  I have only one response to emotion and that is to celebrate with alcohol.  I started a new job yesterday.  A job that for me at this stage appears to be perfect.  It is at the Refugee and Migrant support centre that I have volunteered at for the last 5 years.  I should be happy, I am happy, I loved my first day.  So I come home and drink a bottle of wine with dinner.  So why do I always have to sabotage my weight loss efforts with alcohol.  Yes I know, I am pathetic and I need to stop it.  I'll weigh on Friday this week, to be in a group that are trying the be accountable to each other tactic.  I will probably have put on weight or have lost so little and then I know how I will feel.  But it's my fault.  Arghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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