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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Facing the Truth

It was always my intention to post here often, daily even perhaps and yet here I am several weeks since my last post.  I am a chicken, I don't like to post about failure and yet it would certainly help me to get back on track if I did.
So since last time, I put back on almost all that I had lost and I KNOW it was because I drank to much through out the week.
This week though I have been much better and since last Friday I have lost 1.9kgs yeah for me!!!!! Todays weight is 86.3kg, last week I was 88.2kg.  So hopefully I'm back on track and will stay there can't guarantee thought, I am weak.
I found a fab recipe though for pancakes.  You must try this!!!!

Low Carb Pancakes
In a bowl place 20z or approx 56grams of cream cheese and two eggs.  I made this batch savoury so also added salt and pepper, but you can go sweet and add cinnamon or nutmeg.
Beat till combined, I used a stick beater and it worked really well.
 Let the bubbles settle for a while and spoon into a hot pan.  I cooked this batch in lemon infused olive oil and it left a lovely lemony taste to the pancakes.

I added some bacon and mushrooms and half a small avoacado, absolutely delish and low carb to boot.
A product I found too is this great coconut oil spray, perfect for all things primal.

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  1. Hi Kim, I came by to check and see how you have been doing. I feel like I let you down by not being there for you. I had hurt my back and was just laying low. Hugs to you. sounds like you have been busy. Have just come from your other blog. take care and keep going.