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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year A New Beginning

Yes I know I am early, it's not 2013 yet, it is just after 7 am on the morning of the 31st December as I write this and tonight looms ahead of me, the doorway into 2013 and what I hope will be the slimmest year of my life, well my life for the last 30 years anyway.

I have posted some now photos of me a few posts back, I don't want to do more of them yuk!!! So here is what I intend to look like by the end of this year 2013.
 This is me all dressed up for my eldest daughters wedding.  The gorgeous chickies with me are my beautiful twins.  Now 23 years old.  This was 2007 January 13th so they were 18 here.  I felt fat even here, I think back and I have felt fat for years.  Actually I lost about 32kgs after the twins were born and I kept it off for several years.  Lots of gym work, literally 7 days a week and several hours of work outs.  Then when the girls went to school I stopped that as much I just didn't  want to spend everyday in the gym anymore.  I didn't put on lots of weight at first but slowly it crept on.    Looking at this though I would be quite happy to be that size now.  About a 12 dress I think and now I am a 16.
This is the same year only December 31 so a whole year later.  I don't think my weight had changed much so that was good.  I like my face here.  I have practically no photos of me now, I haven't let anyone take any for ages.  I hate my triple chin thing.  So my goal for 2013 is to lose 20kg.  I was really hesitant to actually put a weight there, I was afraid, am afraid I will fail and look stupid, I guess.  
So my goals are:
1.  for the first 3 weeks of January from 1st through 23rd no alcohol.  That's a real biggy for me so here's me standing and saying no alcohol for those 23 days.
2.  Read the 21 day Primal Challenge by the end of January.
3.  Go to bed earlier each night so I can read.
4.  Eat only Primal foods.
5.  Stop hating myself and the way I look, speak more kindly to myself and others.

They probably don't sound like much to you but here they are my first 5 chalenges for January.

Now my symptoms, the things I notice about myself at the moment.
1.  When I wake in the mornings my tummy is usually a bit sore.
2.  My urine smells bad.
3.  I have lots of achey joints, knees, elbows and ankles are stiff.
4.  I am often thirsty and crave mineral water.
5.  I have a lot of hot flushes throughout the day and night.
6.  I am often out of breath and have little energy to exercise and I am lazy.

So lets see if during this process some of these things change.
Also I did my first oil pulling this morning.  The coconut oil went from clear to very milky.  I pulled and swished for 20 mins first this this morning.  Not sure if it makes any difference at all but I'll try it for a bit.

So here I am ready to change and lose weight this year.  And I want to feel healthier too.
Follow along and see how I go.

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