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Friday, January 4, 2013

Week 1

Day 1 of my 2013 Primal Living challenge saw me eating this for lunch, yummo, home made avo dressing and home grown eggs.  My girls did me proud don't you think?
I was motivated on Jan 1st to really get in and make a good start.  So I made this bottle:
I call it my good news jar and my intention is to add a little note to it each day that something good happens.  So far 3 out of 5 days have a note and one of them covers 2 days, not bad going hey.  I look forward to looking at the notes in December and remembering the days and events of the year gone by.  I want to stick with it, so often I begin something and part way through I just let it go, not this time, I am really making my word, be my word this year, enough stuffing round and not sticking to it.  This goes for all of my choices this year. 
So with that in mind I have not had a drink since New Years Eve and when my mind wanders and leads me to thoughts about having a drink I stop myself dead in my tracks and divert those thoughts.  It's working well so far.  And I've walked, twice, so what you say!
Well for about 3 years my back has given me problems, I've had dozens of visits to the physio to no avail.  I haven't been able to walk far at all or for long, another reason why my weight has increased I guess.  So I have walked, the first time I needed to sit twice in the 45 mins, this time I didn't sit at all, and we did some lunges, (terrible for my bad knee) but I did them anyway, some jogging, it will become sprints, and some side stepping. 45 minutes of hell ha ha!!
I felt great at the end, puffing like I might drop dead at any moment, but proud I had done it.  Hopefully we'll do it again this weekend.  
So off to a good start, can you keep up!

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  1. Kim.. congrats on the 4kg lost! I started a walking program yesterday. I used to walk heaps, but back and foot issues slowed/stopped me. Can't believe how unfit I felt and only 20 mins! Time to get some control back...I will not let this aging body defeat me!! Are you walking with friends/hubby/ trainer?