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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making Roads

I am a happy chappy today.  Well I was a happy chappy on Friday when I weighed in at 86.5kg another kilo loss.  See me doing a little happy dance, can ya see me, grin planted on my face and wiggling my little toosh on the cat walk.

So how did this week go?  I committed to no alcohol and no cheating for 2 weeks and it has paid off, a total of 3.5kg in 2 weeks.  That loss keeps me motivated to keep going.  Now I say that and then on Friday afternoon I drank a bottle of wine, no reason, I just felt like it.  I don't know why I lapsed it wasn't the usual frantic day that I felt I needed to relax after, though it was a busy day.  Any way I did it and I am waiting to see how it will effect my weight this Friday when I weigh in again.  I'm really nervous.  I noticed to that after the wine I felt like more over the weekend, when the past 2 weeks I wasn't craving it so much anymore.  I can see the craving for the sugar coming in to play here.  On Saturday night we had take out of Indian and I had some rice and I was so bloated, SO bloated it hurt.  I'm not sure whether it was the rice or the curry, not sure of the ingredients.  The bowl above is what I called Mexi chicken.  I made it from chicken, and veg and some mexican taco seasoning.  It was fabulous and I didn't feel bloated when i ate this.  I'll have to be stricter and make my own take outs for awhile.

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